AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-16upgrade to 2.11.1Sander Van Balen
2020-11-28fix using wrong sourcesRuben Van Boxem
2020-09-24Update to 2.6.5 version.Ruben Van Boxem
2020-06-20Fix build with Qt 5.15.Ruben Van Boxem
2020-05-23Update to (build number 20200508).Ruben Van Boxem
2020-04-15Replace qtwebkit with qtwebengine dependency.Ruben Van Boxem
2020-04-12Fix optdepends for nautilus plugin.Ruben Van Boxem
2020-04-12Update to release.Ruben Van Boxem
2019-06-26Add KF5/ECM as makedepends to properly build dolphin plugin.Ruben Van Boxem
2018-12-02change binary name to prevent conflicts with e.g. Haskell's stackRuben Van Boxem
2018-06-16Patch out long-deprecated functionality removed in CMake 3.11.Ruben Van Boxem
2018-03-19set same build id as stack client to silence update available message in sett...Ruben Van Boxem
2018-03-19update to version 2.4.1Ruben Van Boxem
2017-08-17fix OpenSSL function nameRuben Van Boxem
2017-03-21update to v2.2.4Ruben Van Boxem
2016-07-01first commitRuben Van Boxem