AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
44 hoursupdate to 0.96a-RC10Phillip Schichtel
2023-05-18upgrade 0.96a-RC9Phillip Schichtel
2023-05-06update to 0.96a-RC7Phillip Schichtel
2022-12-13fix checksums and raise the pkgrelPhillip Schichtel
2022-12-11correct the XDG variablePhillip Schichtel
2022-12-11redo all the thingsPhillip Schichtel
2022-02-12Updated to 0.95.1a-RC6.Dan Levy
2021-12-15Updated to 0.95.1a-RC5.Dan Levy
2021-04-23Updated to 0.95a-RC15.Dan Levy
2021-03-31Updated to 0.95a-RC12.Dan Levy
2021-03-30Updated to 0.95a-RC11.Dan Levy
2021-03-27Updated to 0.95a-RC9.Dan Levy
2019-05-21Updated to 0.9.1a_RC8.Dan Levy
2018-11-20Updated to 0.9a_RC10.Dan Levy
2018-11-16Updated .SRCINFO.Dan Levy
2018-11-16Updated to 0.9a-RC8.Dan Levy
2017-10-17Updated to 0.8.1a_RC8.Dan Levy
2017-04-22Updated the launcher to prefer a java-7 JRE.Dan Levy
2017-04-22Updated to 0.8a_RC19.Dan Levy
2016-02-27Updated to 0.7.2a_RC1.Dan Levy
2015-12-08Updated to 0.7.1a_RC5.Dan Levy
2015-11-20Updated to 0.7a-RC10.Dan Levy
2015-08-09Migrated to git!Dan Levy