AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-12chore: update website linkTerin Stock
2020-06-12chore: upgrade to 0.23Terin Stock
2020-05-14chore: add editor contribTerin Stock
2020-03-08chore: update to 0.22Terin Stock
2019-10-28chore: update package to 0.21Terin Stock
2019-10-04chore: update package to 0.20Terin Stock
2018-11-21fix: use standard location for bash completionTerin Stock
2018-11-19chore: switch to Git tagTerin Stock
2018-11-09chore: update package to 0.19Terin Stock
2018-01-100.18-2: add Fedora patchdescr.tmpl patchTerin Stock
2017-12-30srcinfo: v0.18Terin Stock
2017-12-30pkgver: v0.18Terin Stock
2015-06-130.17.1Johann Klähn