AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-27Updated to v1.15.0kumencz
2024-01-03Source download fixkumencz
2023-11-24Updated to v1.14.0kumencz
2023-09-21Updated to v1.13.2kumencz
2023-08-01Updated to v1.13.1kumencz
2023-07-10Fixed "webkit2gtk" related issue.kumencz
2023-06-16Bundled gdb depends on 'ncurses5-compat-libs'kumencz
2023-06-15Symlink fixedkumencz
2023-06-13Create symlink with original directory name, do not use system gdb by defaultkumencz
2023-05-11Updated to v1.12.1, webkit2gtk as optional dependency, java-runtime is not ne...kumencz
2023-03-24Install wayland run script tookumencz
2023-03-19Use official wayland run scriptkumencz
2023-03-07Updated to v1.12.0kumencz
2023-02-15License file fixkumencz
2023-02-15Direct download link added, license file link updatedkumencz
2023-01-27Updated to v1.11.2kumencz
2023-01-20PKGBUILD tweakskumencz
2022-12-06Updated to v1.11.0kumencz
2022-08-16Updated to v1.10.1kumencz
2022-07-03pkgrel fixkumencz
2022-07-03Updated to v1.10.0kumencz
2022-05-27Download filename updatedkumencz
2022-03-10Replacing GDB by system fixkumencz
2022-03-08Bundled arm-none-eabi-gdb ncurses version check fail -> replaced temporary by...kumencz
2022-03-08Updated to v1.9.0kumencz
2021-11-27Updated to v1.8.0kumencz
2021-08-01Updated to v1.7.0, fixed hint for manual downloading from websitekumen
2021-04-01Updated to v1.6.1kumen
2021-03-06Reverted previous commit, ncurses5-compat-libs needed for gdbkumen
2021-03-03Removed ncurses5-compat-libs as dependskumen
2021-03-02Updated to v1.6.0kumen
2021-01-06pkgrel fixkumen
2021-01-06Updated to v1.5.1kumen
2020-12-08Skip license sha256 checkingkumen
2020-11-18stlink package added as dependency to prevent udev rules conflictkumen
2020-11-18Updated to v1.5.0, added license file, added missing makedepend, udev rules m...kumen
2020-07-24Updated to v1.4.0kumen
2020-06-04sha256sum of source changedkumen
2020-02-27Message fixkumen
2020-02-27Jlink udev rules group changed to "uucp" and installation of them disabled by...kumen
2020-02-26Updated to v1.3.0, fixes for Wayland and Manjaro, udev rules installation ena...kumen
2020-01-11Updated version to 1.2.0, missing dependencies addedkumen
2019-10-31Updated version to 1.1.0, missing dependencies addedkumen
2019-07-28Update version to 1.0.2kumen
2019-06-19Updated to version 1.0.1kumen
2019-05-02pkgver in .SRCINFO updatedkumen
2019-05-02Prevent *.desktop file replacingkumen
2019-05-02Udev rules commented out, desktop file updatedkumen
2019-05-02Initial commitkumen