AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-142.10.0 Update 2Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2022-12-12Update to 2.10.0Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2022-10-262.8.1 Update 1Marek Brenčič
2022-05-30Update to version 2.8.1Marek Brenčič
2022-05-042.8.0 Update 5Marek Brenčič
2022-03-022.8.0 Update 4Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2022-02-282.8.0 Update 3Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2022-02-032.8.0 Update 2Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-12-222.8.0 Update 1Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-12-032.8.0 Update 1Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-11-022.3.0 Update 10Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-09-232.3.0 Update 9Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-07-222.3.0 Update 8Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-06-082.3.0 Update 7Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-06-012.3.0 Update 6Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-04-262.3.0 Update 5Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-04-20pkgrel .srcinfo bumpMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-04-202.3.0 Update 4Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-04-01fixed sha sumMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-04-012.3.0 Update 3Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-03-032.3.0 Update 1Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-02-12Update to 2.3.0Marek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-02-02pkgrel .srcinfo updateMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-02-02Minor version updateMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-01-14Minor version updateMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2021-01-04Checksum updateMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2020-12-30SRCINFO UPDATEMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2020-12-30Bump to v2.2.0-stable.5288.8bf0d2eMarek "foxie" Brenčič
2020-10-27Bump to v2.1.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-09-10Bump to v2.0.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-07-24Bump to v1.13.1Radoslaw Mejer
2020-07-13Bump to v1.13.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-06-02Add fuse2 to the dependenciesRadoslaw Mejer
2020-05-18Bump to v1.12.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-04-03Bump to v1.11.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-03-11Bump to v1.10.2Radoslaw Mejer
2020-03-10Bump to v1.10.1Radoslaw Mejer
2020-03-05Bump to v1.10.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-02-12Bump to v1.9.2Radoslaw Mejer
2020-02-06Bump to v1.9.1Radoslaw Mejer
2020-01-25Bump to v1.8.2Radoslaw Mejer
2020-01-15Bump to v1.8.1Radoslaw Mejer
2020-01-09Bump to v1.8.0Radoslaw Mejer
2020-01-09Add clean phony target in MakefileRadoslaw Mejer
2019-12-28Bump to v1.7.3Radoslaw Mejer
2019-12-24Bump to v1.7.2Radoslaw Mejer
2019-12-20Bump to v1.7.1Radoslaw Mejer
2019-12-18Bump to v1.7.0Radoslaw Mejer
2019-11-28Bump to v1.6.2Radoslaw Mejer
2019-11-27Bump to v1.6.1Radoslaw Mejer