AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-11Updated to 1.33.1Mohd Lee
2024-03-03Updated to 1.33.0Mohd Lee
2023-11-16Updated to 1.32.1Mohd Lee
2023-11-03Updated to 1.32.0Mohd Lee
2023-10-06Updated to 1.31.2Mohd Lee
2023-08-24Updated to 1.31.1Mohd Lee
2023-08-14Updated to 1.31.0Mohd Lee
2023-07-23Updated to 1.30.2Mohd Lee
2023-07-17Updated to 1.30.1Mohd Lee
2023-06-17Updated to 1.30.0Mohd Lee
2023-05-25Updated to 1.29.2Mohd Lee
2023-05-12Updated to 1.29.1Mohd Lee
2023-05-01Updated to 1.29.0Mohd Lee
2023-03-12Updated to 1.28.1Mohd Lee
2023-02-17Updated to 1.28.0Mohd Lee
2023-01-29Updated to 1.27.2Mohd Lee
2023-01-04Updated to 1.27.1Mohd Lee
2022-12-03Updated to 1.27.0Mohd Lee
2022-10-23Updated to 1.26.1Mohd Lee
2022-10-06Updated to 1.26.0Mohd Lee
2022-08-13Updated to 1.25.1Mohd Lee
2022-08-05Updated to 1.25.0Mohd Lee
2022-06-23Updated to 1.24.3 and ICU version workaroundMohd Lee
2022-05-28Updated to 1.24.2Mohd Lee
2022-05-13Updated to 1.24.1Mohd Lee
2022-05-09Updated to 1.24.0Mohd Lee
2022-04-15Updated to 1.23.1Mohd Lee
2022-03-05Updated to 1.23.0Mohd Lee
2022-01-25Updated to 1.22.1Mohd Lee
2021-12-15Updated to 1.22.0Mohd Lee
2021-10-26Updated to 1.21.3Mohd Lee
2021-10-17Removed libgnome-keyring and gnome-keyring depedencyMohd Lee
2021-09-29Updated to 1.21.2Mohd Lee
2021-09-23Updated to 1.21.1Mohd Lee
2021-09-09Updated to 1.21.0Mohd Lee
2021-07-23Updated to 1.20.1Mohd Lee
2021-06-26Updated to 1.20.0Mohd Lee
2021-04-30Updated to 1.19.1Mohd Lee
2021-04-16Updated to 1.19.0Mohd Lee
2021-03-05Updated to 1.18.1Mohd Lee
2021-03-03Updated to 1.18.0Mohd Lee
2020-12-17Updated to 1.17.0Mohd Lee
2020-11-11Updated to 1.16.0Mohd Lee
2020-09-03Updated to 1.15.1Mohd Lee
2020-08-28Updated to 1.15.0Mohd Lee
2020-07-22Updated to 1.14.2Mohd Lee
2020-07-15Updated to 1.14.1Mohd Lee
2020-06-27Updated to 1.14.0, updated depsMohd Lee
2020-05-20Updated to 1.13.1Mohd Lee
2020-02-04Updated to 1.12.0, removed env DOTNET_ROOT, updated deps, added *.gz to .giti...Mohd Lee