AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-15Update to version 1.14.0l42
2022-12-25Update to version 1.13.1l42
2022-09-24Update to version 1.12.0l42
2022-08-08Update to version 1.11.0l42
2022-02-22Update to version 1.10.0l42
2021-12-25Update to version 1.9.0l42
2021-11-24Update to version 1.8.1l42
2021-11-21Update to version 1.8.0l42
2021-05-05Add update scriptl42
2021-05-05Update to version 1.7.0l42
2021-04-16Update to version 1.6.0l42
2021-04-08Update to version 1.5.0l42
2020-12-26Add aarch64 buildl42
2020-12-26Update to version 1.4.0l42
2020-11-08Update to version 1.3.0l42
2020-10-03Update to version 1.2.0l42
2020-09-14Update to version 1.1.0l42
2020-08-07Use raw LICENSE file to avoid hashsum check issuesl42
2020-08-07Update metadatal42
2020-08-07Update package metadatal42
2020-08-07Update package releasel42
2020-08-07Fix LICENSE sha256suml42
2020-07-26Update releasel42
2020-07-26Link binary by defaultl42
2020-07-26Don't use pkgrel from upstream packagel42
2020-07-26Initial add. Version 1.0.0l42