AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-03Fix build when prepare and build are run separatelyxeruf
2023-07-03Use latest electronxeruf
2022-12-17Merge stretchly-git and updatexeruf
2022-09-01Update electron dependencyLuke Arms
2022-08-29Update versions from stretchly-gitxeruf
2022-04-18Update electron dependencyLuke Arms
2022-04-12Pin dependency to electron17xeruf
2022-04-12Merge in changes from stretchly-git packagexeruf
2022-02-28Reinstate electron dependency (break screen issue fixed)Luke Arms
2022-02-20Add libxcrypt-compat to provide missing Arms
2022-01-24Mitigate blank/grey screen issue by packaging Electron with StretchlyLuke Arms
2021-12-30Update dependencies and improve robustness of buildLuke Arms
2021-12-28Bump version, fix electron-builder error, clean upLuke Arms
2021-11-09Update packagexeruf
2021-10-29Slight description adjustmentxeruf
2021-09-27Create git version of xeruf forkxeruf
2021-06-17Isolate nvmLuke Arms
2021-05-24UpdateLuke Arms
2021-04-05Add make dependency on python (for node-gyp) and package conflictsLuke Arms
2021-04-05Update electron, use nvm to match upstream node versionLuke Arms
2021-02-11Add git to makedepends, bump versionLuke Arms
2020-12-27Version bumpLuke Arms
2020-11-09Bump to 51f05d1 (tag: v1.3.0)Luke Arms
2020-11-03Initial commitLuke Arms