AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-24commands in .install should not send error codesDavid Marzal
2021-01-24show the usual culprits for SC not workingDavid Marzal
2021-01-24jack2-dbus is now splittedDavid Marzal
2020-11-15updated to fix adding pulse audio bridgesDavid Marzal
2020-11-07alsa-utils as optdep, amixer used to check phonesDavid Marzal
2020-11-03zita-mu1Milk Brewster
2020-11-03nsmMilk Brewster
2020-11-03update optdepsMilk Brewster
2020-10-31conflict cadenceMilk Brewster
2020-10-31more dep fixes, optdepsMilk Brewster
2020-10-30fix pathMilk Brewster
2020-10-29fix depMilk Brewster
2020-10-29fix depMilk Brewster
2020-10-29fix deps and descriptionMilk Brewster
2020-10-28fix optdep for rtpMilk Brewster
2020-10-28fix pathMilk Brewster
2020-09-27move git version to tags methodMilk Brewster
2020-07-10renameMilk Brewster