AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-15Update indentation and formattingManuel Hüsers
2022-11-15upgpkg: sublime-text-3 3.3211-2Manuel Hüsers
2021-07-18Removing "sublime" from "provides"João M. Bezerra
2020-09-13Renamed package to `sublime-text-3`João M. Bezerra
2019-11-13Changed package description sizeJoão Marcos
2019-11-13Fixing last commitJoão Marcos
2019-11-13Updating version to 3211 and changing maintainerJoão Marcos
2019-04-09Update to 3.3207perqin
2019-03-18Remove unnecessary imfixperqin
2019-03-17Update to 3.3200 (Fix .SRCINFO)perqin
2019-03-17Update to 3.3200perqin
2018-10-16Update to 3.3176perqin