AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-01Updated to build 3211Sander Boom
2019-04-10Updated to build 3207Sander Boom
2019-03-23Changed dependency gtk2 -> gtk3. See: Boom
2019-03-17Updated to build 3200Sander Boom
2018-05-14Updated to build 3176Sander Boom
2018-05-08Updated to build 3170Sander Boom
2017-11-09Downgraded to build 3143, as 3153 can not be used without license.Sander Boom
2017-11-08Updated to build 3153Sander Boom
2017-09-19Downgraded to build 3143, as 3144 can not be used without license.Sander Boom
2017-09-18Updated to build 3144Sander Boom
2016-09-24Updated to build 3126Sander Boom
2016-09-22Updated to build 3124Sander Boom
2016-05-13Updated to build 3114Sander Boom
2016-02-09Updated to build 3103Sander Boom
2015-09-25Added StartupWMClass=subl3 to .desktop file; changed to sha256sumSander Boom
2015-07-07Upped pkgrel according to AUR3 pkgrelSander Boom
2015-07-07Initial importSander Boom