AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-09Upgrade to > 3.11.1David Runge
2020-06-03Upgrading to > 3.11.0David Runge
2020-02-27PKGBUILD: Removing boost 1.71 patch (now included). Switching to sodeps (defi...David Runge
2019-11-12PKGBUILD: Updating maintainer info. Adding all direct library dependencies. A...David Runge
2019-03-15PKGBUILD: Adding link to makedepends. Removing patch to use system boost (ups...David Runge
2018-11-30PKGBUILD: Adding use-system-boost.patch instead of removing the external_libr...David Runge
2018-11-15PKGBUILD: Removing -ffast-math, as it leads to flaky behavior.David Runge
2018-10-01PKGBUILD: Removing boost 1.67 patch (now merged upstream).David Runge
2018-09-29Incorporating fix for building with boost 1.68.0. Using (soon to be merged) u...David Runge
2018-08-13PKGBUILD: Adding boost 1.67.0 patch for supernova. Cleaning up depends, optde...David Runge
2017-10-30PKGBUILD: Documenting prepare() a little better. Removing commented submodule...David Runge
2017-10-25PKGBUILD: Moving git submodules to prepare(). Properly quoting variables. Rem...David Runge
2017-05-25PKGBUILD: Updating to newest upstream post-3.8.0 version. Until upstream mast...David Runge
2016-12-21.SRCINFO: Adding srcinfo for supercollider-git > 3.8.David Runge
2016-12-21PKGBUILD: Updating to supercollider > 3.8 (by branch). Removing unneeded make...David Runge
2016-05-22PKGBUILD: Updating to 3.7.1.r395 because of a bug with SendTrig, SendReply, etc.David Runge
2016-05-12PKGBUILD: Updating to release after the the threading issues for closing scla...David Runge
2016-05-06PKGBUILD: Updating project link, removing patch from repository and PKGBUILD.David Runge
2016-05-06PKGBUILD: Removing the GCC <5.3 patch for linkage breaking. Making master the...David Runge
2016-01-31PKGBUILD: Switchting to branch 3.7, to receive the beta releases. .SRCINFO: U...David Runge
2015-10-26.SRCINFO: Updating to commit r373David Runge
2015-10-26PKGBUILD: Updating to commit r373.David Runge
2015-08-14libatomic.patch: Adding patch for fixing linking failures for libatomic with ...David Runge
2015-07-07PKGBUILD,supercollider.install,.SRCINFO: First commit (for version 3.7.0.alpha1David Runge