AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-19Fix for aarch64 sourceKonstantin Shalygin
2024-03-18Bump to 2.14.0Konstantin Shalygin
2023-12-05Bump to 2.13.0Konstantin Shalygin
2023-03-12supermicro-update-manager: 2.10.0Ewout van Mansom
2022-06-17Update to 2.8.1Ewout van Mansom
2021-10-18Update to 2.7.0Andrew Shark
2021-01-15Use default location for journal in configAndrew Shark
2021-01-15Updated to 2.5.1Andrew Shark
2020-12-10Updated to 2.5.0Andrew Shark
2020-04-17Updated to 2.4.0Andrew Shark
2019-10-28Added DLAGENTSAndrew Shark
2019-10-14initial releaseAndrew Shark