AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-01Upgrading to Suru++ 30Gustavo Reis
2019-03-18Official Release 25.3Gustavo Reis
2019-03-06Fixed the time loop of updateGustavo Reis
2019-03-05Added gradient colours support and new 3 folders coloursGustavo Reis
2019-02-10Fixed the Greek translation bug in the index.themeGustavo Reis
2019-02-10New upgradeGustavo Reis
2019-01-27Small improvementsGustavo Reis
2019-01-27Small improvementsGustavo Reis
2019-01-27Big upgradeGustavo Reis
2018-10-28Added MakefileGustavo Reis
2018-10-27[200~penultimateGustavo Reis
2018-10-27More attemptGustavo Reis
2018-10-27Small git and upgrade fixesGustavo Reis
2018-10-23Small fixesGustavo Reis
2018-10-23Small fixes and fixed mispellingGustavo Reis
2018-10-23Small fixesGustavo Reis
2018-10-23Upgraded PKGBUILDGustavo Reis
2018-06-20Improved descriptionGustavo Costa
2018-06-19Fixed missed comma for nuove iconeGustavo Costa
2018-06-19Improved PKGBUILDGustavo Costa
2018-06-10updating infosDaniel
2018-06-10changing git repoDaniel
2018-06-06first commitDaniel