AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-08Checksum diff.Antonin Décimo
2020-05-02Add HiDPI support.Antonin Décimo
2020-01-24Switch default terminal emulator to alacrittyDrew DeVault
2019-06-12Update SRCINFODrew DeVault
2019-06-12Use release builds, and run meson in build()Matt Coffin
2019-04-26Add swaybg-git dependencyDrew DeVault
2019-03-11Update .SRCINFODrew DeVault
2019-03-11Remove dependencies brought in by wlrootsDrew DeVault
2019-02-25Clean up PKGBUILDDrew DeVault
2019-01-16Add swaylock/swayidle back as optdependsStephen Gregoratto
2018-10-14Move meson to prepare(), to keep the build directory between buildsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-10-02Add symbolsDrew DeVault
2018-10-02Switch from 0.15 branch to masterDrew DeVault
2018-04-08Switch to 0.15 branchDrew DeVault
2016-12-04Add sys_cap_ptraceDrew DeVault
2016-05-01Update srcinfoDrew DeVault
2016-05-01Depend on wlc-git, not wlcDrew DeVault
2016-04-16Depend on wlc instead of wlc-gitDrew DeVault
2016-03-27Add conflicts/provides=('sway')Drew DeVault
2016-03-24Update PKGBUILDDrew DeVault
2016-02-18Add debug/!strip and set cmake build to UpstreamDrew DeVault
2015-12-27Add -DCMAKE_INSTALL_SYSCONFDIR=/etcDrew DeVault
2015-12-08Add gdk-pixbuf2 dependencyDrew DeVault
2015-11-27Add future optdependsDrew DeVault
2015-11-12Add new dependenciesDrew DeVault
2015-11-11Add release to buildDrew DeVault
2015-09-02s/i386/i686Drew DeVault
2015-08-26Add json-c dependencyDrew DeVault
2015-08-23Add xcb-util-image as dependencyDrew DeVault
2015-08-18Make xwayland a required dependencyDrew DeVault
2015-08-17Add asciidoc to makedependsDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Add more optdependsDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Add git to makedependsDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Update srcinfoDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Depend on wlc-git insteadDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Update srcinfoDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Switch to VCS versioningDrew DeVault
2015-08-16Initial commitDrew DeVault