AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-03updated to 5.9 development snapshot from july 29 2023RandomHashTags
2022-09-04updated to 5.7 snapshot 8RandomHashTags
2022-08-30updated to 5.7 snapshot 7 and added ncurses5-compat-libs as a dependency, as ...RandomHashTags
2022-08-04updated to 5.7 snapshot 6RandomHashTags
2022-07-27updated to 5.7 snapshot 5RandomHashTags
2022-07-21updated to 5.7 snapshot 4RandomHashTags
2022-07-16updated to 5.7 snapshot 3RandomHashTags
2022-07-06fixed new version showing as out-of-date due to removal of 'epoch' from the ....RandomHashTags
2022-07-06Update to 5.7 snapshot 2RandomHashTags
2022-07-05fix installation error for Manjaro (4th time's the charm?)RandomHashTags
2022-07-05fix installation error for ManjaroRandomHashTags
2022-07-05fix error due to typo during installation for ManjaroRandomHashTags
2022-07-05fix installation error due to centos8 deprecationRandomHashTags
2022-07-05update to 5.7 snapshots | downgraded centos8 -> centos7 due to deprecationRandomHashTags
2022-03-12update 5.6-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2022-03-02-aEd25519
2022-03-06add missing SRCINFOEd25519
2022-03-06update to 5.6-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2022-02-11-aEd25519
2022-01-12update to 5.5-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2021-12-07-asoloturn
2021-07-11initial development snapshot versionsoloturn