AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysRevert, compiler-rt does not build with clangsoloturn
10 dayspatch sphinx build, duplicate term descriptionsoloturn
10 daysadjust python2 patch to a couple of lines lowersoloturn
10 daysmake build verbosesoloturn
2020-07-11python2 is used in swift/testsoloturn
2020-07-11python2 as fallback only, not requiredsoloturn
2020-07-09cmake ignore /usr/include/bitssoloturn
2020-07-06clang is necessarysoloturn
2020-07-06six package missingsoloturn
2020-07-05add fanjiang, switch back to mastersoloturn
2020-07-02use preset as recommended, same as fedorasoloturn
2020-07-01builds a package, but not a good onesoloturn
2020-07-01remove check()soloturn
2020-06-30make swift, llvm-project commits fixsoloturn
2020-06-21add gaborsoloturn
2020-06-07update SRCINFOsoloturn
2020-06-07speed up replacing x86_64 headerssoloturn
2020-06-07pyton instead of python2soloturn
2020-06-07ignore src repossoloturn
2020-06-07add apple/llvm-projectsoloturn
2020-06-07add all modules in update-checkoutsoloturn
2020-06-07use update-checkoutsoloturn
2020-06-07ignore checked out swiftsoloturn
2015-12-06Fix bugsTheo Tosini
2015-12-04Add swiftpmTheo Tosini
2015-12-04Add conflicts and providesTheo Tosini
2015-12-04Now fully worksTheo Tosini
2015-12-04Update version to latestTheo Tosini
2015-12-04Fix quote typeTheo Tosini
2015-12-03Fixed a -lpthread and -ldl errorTheo Tosini
2015-12-03Initial CommitTheo Tosini