AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-27update to latest gitsoloturn
2022-06-19update argument-parsersoloturn
2022-05-23do not build into pkgdir.soloturn
2022-05-23dependencies updatesoloturn
2022-05-23update to currentsoloturn
2022-04-02update to currentsoloturn
2022-03-20udpate to latestsoloturn
2022-03-20add DISTCC_HOSTSsoloturn
2022-01-17update to latest SNAPSHOTsoloturn
2022-01-16update to current mainsoloturn
2021-12-31no patch for asprintf means also not hash checksoloturn
2021-12-31asprintf not necessary, presets change to let patch apply againsoloturn
2021-10-15update current git version, after 5.5 releasesoloturn
2021-07-19asprintf exists, patch it out, not ready for general linux like thissoloturn
2021-06-12pach is now dev dependency, fanjian maintainersoloturn
2021-04-25update to latest SNAPSHOTsoloturn
2021-03-21update version + add skip in SRCINFOsoloturn
2021-03-21add missing integrity check SKIP in git versionsoloturn
2021-03-21add swift-cryptosoloturn
2021-02-02not strip binaries, fanjiang contributorsoloturn
2020-12-27provide swift-language, not swift-language-gitsoloturn
2020-11-17swig is makedep not runtimesoloturn
2020-11-17update to 2020.11.13soloturn
2020-11-17remove sourcekit-lsp-python2 patchsoloturn
2020-11-07update to 2020.11.06soloturn
2020-10-27sourcekit-lsp python3 now fixed upstreamsoloturn
2020-10-24sourcekit-lsp python3 try1soloturn
2020-10-19remove python2 from SRCINFOsoloturn
2020-10-18remove python2 to buildsoloturn
2020-10-18clean unnecessarysoloturn
2020-10-17master branch renamed to main at applesoloturn
2020-10-09remove sccache, did not worksoloturn
2020-10-09update maintainersoloturn
2020-10-08switch off benchmark tests, which do not run outside /usrsoloturn
2020-10-08comment, strip no harm e.g. on termuxsoloturn
2020-10-08swift/master is now swift/main, llvmsoloturn
2020-10-07install prefix /usr/lib/swift-gitsoloturn
2020-10-07ignore zst packagessoloturn
2020-10-05sccache into launchersoloturn
2020-10-05remove unused definitions in PKGBUILDsoloturn
2020-10-04add sccachesoloturn
2020-10-04remove ncurses patch, applied upstreamsoloturn
2020-10-04put package into /usr/lib/swift-gitsoloturn
2020-10-04remove patch to add python2 to main cmakelistsoloturn
2020-10-04mv built into packagesoloturn
2020-10-03do not require installable_package for linuxsoloturn
2020-10-03do not produce tar file, destdir shold contain everythingsoloturn
2020-10-03do not conflict swift-language, put git version in different locationsoloturn
2020-10-032 integration tests are python2soloturn
2020-10-03Revert "python2 not used any more"soloturn