AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-02Cleanup of PKGBUILD and patches for pthreadMichael Wawrzyniak
2020-08-15Added RELEASE=1Christopher Luna
2020-08-10Updated to 1.1 releaseChristopher Luna
2020-05-26Updated to 1.1rc4Christopher Luna
2018-04-19Added unzip as make depChristopher Luna
2016-08-02License must be an arrayChristopher Luna
2015-08-05Updated to final 1.0 versionChristopher Luna
2015-07-22Updated to 20150722Christopher Luna
2015-07-20Updated .SRCINFOChristopher Luna
2015-07-20Added MANPREFIXChristopher Luna
2015-07-20Updated to 1.0bChristopher Luna
2015-06-08First commitChristopher Luna