AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-19update to 4.1.3Alexander Gabriel
2020-02-14added conflicts, provides, also made sure wget behaves nicelyAlexander Gabriel
2020-02-14update to, re-added .desktop fileAlexander Gabriel
2020-01-09updated to 4.1.2Alexander Gabriel
2020-01-08path fixAlexander Gabriel
2020-01-08updated to v4.1.1Alexander Gabriel
2019-12-21update to version 4.1.0Alexander Gabriel
2019-06-19updated dependenciesAlexander Gabriel
2019-06-18updated srcinfoAlexander Gabriel
2019-06-18updated to lastest version, removed desktop icon and man pages as they're no ...Alexander Gabriel
2018-05-27updated to Gabriel
2018-05-05bump to 3.0.2Alexander Gabriel
2018-05-03removed reference to syscoin-txAlexander Gabriel
2018-05-03potentially fixed openssl-1.0 issueAlexander Gabriel
2018-05-03updated to 3.0.1Alexander Gabriel
2018-05-02update to version 3.0Alexander Gabriel
2018-05-02update to version 3.0Alexander Gabriel
2017-11-02bumped to version 2.1.6Alexander Gabriel
2017-10-18updated srcinfo to 2.1.5Alexander Gabriel
2017-10-18initial commit starting with syscoin version 2.1.5Alexander Gabriel