AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-21use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2023-04-17add kudu supportMark Wagie
2022-06-14install systemd module to /usr/lib/ instead of /etc/Mark Wagie
2021-10-03correct licenseMark Wagie
2021-08-301.0.13Mark Wagie
2021-02-12fix file nameMark Wagie
2021-02-12use provided confMark Wagie
2021-02-03PKGBUILD improvements, upgrade checksumsMark Wagie
2021-01-18Update to 1.0.12Corey Hinshaw
2020-12-15Add udev hwdb files to installCorey Hinshaw
2020-11-28Update to 1.0.11Corey Hinshaw
2020-11-23Update to 1.0.10Corey Hinshaw
2020-07-16Update to version 1.0.9Corey Hinshaw
2020-04-25Update to 1.0.8Corey Hinshaw
2020-04-17Update to 1.0.7Corey Hinshaw
2019-08-17Update to version 1.0.6Corey Hinshaw
2019-02-09Update to 1.0.4Corey Hinshaw
2019-01-30Update to 1.0.3Corey Hinshaw
2018-12-28Update to 1.0.1Corey Hinshaw
2018-09-13Update to v1.0.0Corey Hinshaw
2018-07-06Use configuration file from srcdirCorey Hinshaw
2018-07-05Initial commit, version 0.0.3Corey Hinshaw