AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-24update to 1.0.1Yunxiang Li
2019-01-29updated srcinfoMichael Ralston
2019-01-29Updated to 135th commit in upstreamMichael Ralston
2018-09-25Fixed version.Francisco Soto
2018-09-24Updated to version 113-1. needs no patch.Francisco Soto
2018-09-21Update to version 111-2.Francisco Soto
2018-09-12Update to version 100-1.Francisco Soto
2018-08-25Update to version 97-1.Francisco Soto
2018-08-02v75-2 arch doesn't really need to recreate initramfs for this.Francisco Soto
2018-07-19System76 power control v75-1Francisco Soto
2018-07-14Don't alias nvidia. It allows for turning on/off graphics without reboot.Francisco Soto
2018-07-06Use new system76-dkms package.Francisco Soto
2018-07-03System76 power control v72-1.Francisco Soto