AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-20Bump release numberNicola Squartini
2016-07-20Add file:// in front of RPM filenamesNicola Squartini
2016-07-20Add LICENSE fileNicola Squartini
2016-07-19Add !emptydirs to options arrayNicola Squartini
2016-07-19Add xterm optional dependencyNicola Squartini
2016-07-19Add blt dependencyNicola Squartini
2016-06-14Add .gitignoreNicola Squartini
2016-06-14Remove gcc-libs from depends arrayNicola Squartini
2016-06-14Make binaries depend on latest version of Tcl/TkNicola Squartini
2016-06-14Support i686Nicola Squartini
2016-06-14Don't use rpmextractNicola Squartini
2016-06-14license should be an arrayNicola Squartini
2015-07-21Initial importNicola Squartini