AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-30fix file conflict with glibc 2.30-2ideal
2019-02-10remove patch as it is not needed now.ideal
2019-01-29change /usr/lib/systemtap/systemtap to /usr/lib/systemtapideal
2019-01-25change url to httpsideal
2019-01-22add missed dependsideal
2019-01-22add missed dependsideal
2019-01-11change gitroot to https urlideal
2018-12-19remove install exec hook to fix build error if systemtap is not previously in...ideal
2018-12-17optdepends: sqlite instead of sqlite3ideal
2018-12-17fix bad characterideal
2018-12-17clean optdependsideal
2018-12-17clean optdependsideal
2018-12-17update to systemtap 4.0: add more depends, update configure options, chgrp an...ideal
2016-09-10create groups; use python instead of python2; other updateslilydjwg
2016-08-21update for new git urllilydjwg
2015-07-25import from AUR3lilydjwg