AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-13update dependenciespiotr
2023-05-04trigger reinstall after python upgradepiotr
2020-08-26update to 1.4piotr
2019-02-12--weather - unwanted wget logs -> /dev/nullpiotr
2019-02-01[S]unrise/sunset item added; Temp. formatting altered.piotr
2019-01-16New --paswitch command; fixes to --volume togglepiotr
2018-12-21fix to weather crash on improper JSON datapiotr - error handling for locale.getdefaultlocale() TypeErrorpiotr
2018-12-20weather script addedpiotr
2018-12-08--battery: wrong icon path fixedpiotr
2018-12-03--update no longer displays 0piotr
2018-12-02checking state added to --update scriptpiotr
2018-11-30wrong checksum correctedpiotr file updatedpiotr
2018-11-30--desktop menu template no longer overwrittenpiotr
2018-11-29jgmenu support in all scriptspiotr
2018-11-28jgmenu for --update commandpiotr
2018-11-28optional jgmenu addedpiotr
2018-11-25initial commitpiotr