AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-29update to v0.6.6Aria Moradi
2022-09-25Add libc++ to fix QuickJSMahor
2022-08-19Bump to v0.6.4Mahor
2022-06-07tidy thingsMahor
2022-06-07update .SRCINFOMahor
2022-06-07add systemd serviceMahor
2022-05-16fix revision numberAria Moradi
2022-04-21Fix desktop fileMahor
2022-04-21Fix desktop fileMahor
2022-04-07Bump to v0.6.3Mahor
2022-04-03commit 2022-04-03_14-36-59Mahor Foruzesh
2022-03-17Fix my stupid mistakesMahor Foruzesh
2022-03-17Fix my stupid mistakesMahor Foruzesh
2022-03-04bump to v0.6.2Mahor Foruzesh
2022-03-04Minor changesMahor Foruzesh
2022-02-19bump to v0.6.1Mahor Foruzesh
2021-11-29update to v0.6.0Mahor Foruzesh
2021-10-20add symlink to maintain backwards compatibilityAria Moradi
2021-10-20add proper launcher scriptsAria Moradi
2021-10-18update to v0.5.4Mahor Foruzesh
2021-09-28update to v0.5.3Mahor Foruzesh
2021-09-20update to v0.5.2Mahor Foruzesh
2021-09-19update to v0.5.1Mahor Foruzesh
2021-09-18update to v0.5.0Mahor Foruzesh
2021-09-03update to v0.4.9Aria Moradi
2021-08-25bump to v0.4.7Aria Moradi
2021-08-11update to v0.4.5Aria Moradi
2021-08-09update to v0.4.4Aria Moradi
2021-06-17bump to v0.4.3Aria Moradi
2021-06-05fix file permissionsAria Moradi
2021-05-30patch with suggestionsMahor Foruzesh
2021-05-30update to v0.4.2 (forgot to generate .SRCINFO)Mahor Foruzesh
2021-05-30update to v0.4.2Mahor Foruzesh
2021-05-28update to v0.4.1Aria Moradi
2021-05-17update md5Aria Moradi
2021-05-17update to v0.3.3Aria Moradi
2021-05-15fix jar nameAria Moradi
2021-05-15update to v0.3.1Aria Moradi
2021-05-07update to v0.3.0-r430Aria Moradi
2021-04-23added conflicts('tachidesk-preview')Mahor Foruzesh
2021-04-13updated to 0.3.0.r387Mahor Foruzesh
2021-04-13reset .SRCINFOMahor Foruzesh
2021-04-13reset to 0.2.7.r312Mahor Foruzesh
2021-04-13updated to 0.3.0.r371 pre-releaseMahor Foruzesh
2021-04-02changed icon path to /usr/share/pixmaps according to The stan...Mahor Foruzesh
2021-04-02removed hicolor-icon-theme dependecy. fixed jar source url. changed mkdir -p ...Mahor Foruzesh
2021-04-02let's not rename the tachidesk fileAria Moradi
2021-04-02added hicolor-icon-theme dependencyMahor Foruzesh
2021-04-02added mkdir -p to package()Mahor Foruzesh