AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
40 hours5.8.5Mark Wagie
13 days5.8.4Mark Wagie
2024-06-01Update to 5.8.3Ali Molaei
2024-04-125.7.13Mark Wagie
2024-04-035.7.12Mark Wagie
2024-03-275.7.11Mark Wagie
2024-03-205.7.10Mark Wagie
2024-03-165.7.9Mark Wagie
2024-03-045.7.8Mark Wagie
2024-01-295.7.4Mark Wagie
2024-01-21use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2023-11-245.6.2Mark Wagie
2023-11-15Update to 5.6.1Ali Molaei
2023-10-16Update to 5.5.4Ali Molaei
2023-10-025.5.2Mark Wagie
2023-09-295.5.1Mark Wagie
2023-09-27revert updating to 5.5.0: beta releaseMark Wagie
2023-09-275.5.0Mark Wagie
2023-08-28add missing depsMark Wagie
2023-07-31Update to 5.4.6Ali Molaei
2023-07-27Update to 5.4.4Ali Molaei
2023-05-17Update to 5.3.5Ali Molaei
2023-04-28Update to 5.3.4Ali Molaei
2023-04-08Update to 5.3.2Ali Molaei
2023-02-14Update to 5.2.4Ali Molaei
2023-01-29Update to 5.2.2Ali Molaei
2023-01-12Update to 5.1.4Ali Molaei
2022-12-15Update to 5.1.3Ali Molaei
2022-12-08Update to 5.1.2Ali Molaei
2022-11-21Update 5.0.6Ali Molaei
2022-10-28Update to 5.0.5Ali Molaei
2022-10-11Update to 5.0.3Ali Molaei
2022-09-28Update to 4.6.2Ali Molaei
2022-05-20Update to 4.4.3Ali Molaei
2022-05-18Update to 4.4.2Ali Molaei
2022-03-17Update to 4.3.1Ali Molaei
2022-02-04Update to 4.2.1Ali Molaei
2022-01-06Update to 4.1.3, Add myself as maintainer to the PKGBUILDAli Molaei
2021-12-21Update to 4.1.2Ali Molaei
2021-11-17Update to 4.0.8Ali Molaei
2021-11-10Update to 4.0.6Ali Molaei
2021-11-05Update to 4.0.4Ali Molaei
2021-10-21Update to 3.11.9Ali Molaei
2021-09-03Update to 3.11.6Ali Molaei
2021-07-24Update to 3.11.2Ali Molaei
2021-06-30Update to 3.10.4Ali Molaei
2021-04-20Update to 3.9.8Ali Molaei
2021-01-30bump versionSamuel Walladge
2020-11-28bump versionSamuel Walladge
2020-11-12bump versionSamuel Walladge