AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdate to version 0.97-96David Anderson
8 daysUpdate to version 0.97-62David Anderson
14 daysUpdate to version 0.97-38David Anderson
14 daysUpdate to version 0.97-37David Anderson
14 daysUpdate to version 0.97-36David Anderson
2020-03-16Update to version 0.96-40David Anderson
2020-03-13Update to version 0.96-26David Anderson
2020-03-12Update to version 0.96-18David Anderson
2020-03-12Bump package rel to make AUR update.David Anderson
2020-03-12Autostart/stop tailscaled in install scripts.David Anderson
2020-03-12Update to version 0.96-16David Anderson
2020-03-11Update to version 0.96-0David Anderson
2020-03-09Update to version 0.95-456David Anderson
2020-03-06Update to version 0.95-431David Anderson
2020-03-05Update to version 0.95-427David Anderson
2020-03-05Update to version 0.95-426David Anderson
2020-03-05Update to version 0.95-425David Anderson
2020-03-04Update to version 0.95-420David Anderson
2020-03-04Make just make a commit that's ready to push.David Anderson
2020-03-03Update .SRCINFO.David Anderson
2020-03-03Update to 0.95-409.David Anderson
2020-03-02update to 0.95-405.David Anderson
2020-03-01update to 0.95-396.David Anderson
2020-03-01bump to 0.95-394.David Anderson
2020-02-29Initial commit.David Anderson