AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-28upgpkg: tbt 0.9.3-6Frederik Schwan
2020-08-13upgpkg: tbt 0.9.3-5Frederik Schwan
2020-05-17move cmake back from prepare() to build()Frederik Schwan
2020-05-17review by anthraxxFrederik Schwan
2020-04-26migrate to b2sumsFrederik Schwan
2020-02-22replace maintainer e-mail address for an archlinux specific oneFrederik Schwan
2019-10-31tbt: PKGBUILD review by svenstarofrederik
2019-07-24add dependency on boost-libsfrederik
2018-02-14upgrade to 0.9.3frederik
2017-09-28upgrade to 0.9.2frederik
2017-09-06upgrade to 0.9.1frederik
2017-09-04initial commitfrederik