AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-26TeamCity 2018.1.1Benedikt Bauer
2018-05-24TeamCity 2017.2.4Benedikt Bauer
2018-03-19TeamCity 2017.2.3Benedikt Bauer
2018-02-28TeamCity 2017.2.2Benedikt Bauer
2018-01-04Update TeamCity to 2017.2.1Benedikt Bauer
2017-11-29Update checksumBenedikt Bauer
2017-11-29Fix -server.service to handle the new chained startup scriptsBenedikt Bauer
2017-11-28UUpdate to 2017.2Benedikt Bauer
2017-11-23give this a dash version number to update the arch package databaseBenedikt Bauer
2017-11-23Fix error occured during renaming teamcity.confd fileBenedikt Bauer
2017-11-23refactor to sha256sums and update to 2017.1.5Benedikt Bauer
2017-09-29Format fix and add update scriptBenedikt Bauer
2017-09-29Update .SRCINFO to 2017.1.4Benedikt Bauer
2017-09-292017.4 updateBenedikt Bauer
2017-08-08update to 2017.1.3yegorius
2017-05-19update to 2017.1.1yegorius
2017-04-20update to 2017.1yegorius
2017-03-20update to 10.0.5yegorius
2017-01-23update to 10.0.4yegorius
2016-11-18update to 10.0.3yegorius
2016-11-09update to 10.0.2yegorius
2016-08-07update .installyegorius
2016-08-01update srcinfoyegorius
2016-08-01update to 10.0yegorius
2015-09-28update to 9.1.3vlad
2015-08-04update to 9.1.1vlad
2015-07-15Update to 9.1vlad
2015-07-14Update to 9.0.5vlad
2015-07-10Change JAVA_HOME to /usr/lib/jvm/defaultvlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad