AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysBump to 15.0.8397Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-10-01Bump to 14.6.2452Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-09-17Bump to 14.5.5819Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-08-29Bump to 14.5.1691Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-07-26Bump to 14.4.2669Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-06-17Bump to 14.3.4730Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-04-25Bump to 14.2.8352Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-04-14Bump to 14.2.2558Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-03-06Bump to 14.1.18533Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-01-26Bump to 14.1.9025Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2019-01-03Bump to 14.1.3399Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-11-23Bump to 14.0.14470Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-11-16Bump to 14.0.12762Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-10-17Bump to 13.2.26559Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-08-11Make armv7h use same version as x86Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-08-11Bump to 13.2.13582Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-06-06Bump x86 to 13.1.8286, remove libdepend on x86_64Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-22Fix brainfart of previous commitSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-22Simplify depsSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-05Patch teamviewer_setup and include it in prepare()Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-04Re-add qt5-quickcontrolsSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-04Fix deps againSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-04Fix data.tar.* archive extractionSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-04-04Bump to 13.1.3026, add host 13.1.1548 for armv7h as workaroundSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-02-17Bump to 12.0.90041Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-11-29Add lib32-dbus dependencySebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-11-16Workaround for freetypeSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-10-21Require older *freetype2* for new releaseSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-10-21Require older fontconfig for new releaseSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-09-28Bump to 12.0.85001Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-04-13Bump to 12.0.76279Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-12-06Remove symlink to desktop fileSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-12-06Fix symlinkSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-12-05Bump to 12.xx seriesSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-10-15Add lib32-libxtst to x86_64Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-10-12Bump to 11.0.67687Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-06-28Add libxtst dependencySwift Geek
2016-04-29Bump to 11.0.57095Swift Geek
2016-03-08Added libpng12 as a dependency for 32 bit systemsAlex Taber
2016-03-07Re-added libpng12Alex Taber
2016-02-20Changed to libpng from libpng12Alex Taber
2016-01-27Switched to httpsAlex Taber
2016-01-26Updated to 11.0.53191Alex Taber
2015-12-03Moved warning messageAlex Taber
2015-12-03Fixed typoAlex Taber
2015-12-03Added warning message when attempting to upgrade from Teamviewer 10Alex Taber
2015-12-02Fixed error in srcinfoAlex Taber
2015-12-02Updated PKGBUILDAlex Taber
2015-12-02Changed dependencies in order to reflect proper version.Alex Taber
2015-12-02Revert "Upgrading should now work."Alex Taber