AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-05Update information in PKGBUILD, allow any archzulc22 (Scott)
2022-02-05Fix compilation errors by setting standardzulc22 (Scott)
2022-02-05Revert "first AUR package go easy on me"zulc22 (Scott)
2022-02-05Revert "didn't see the .srcinfo file -.-;"zulc22 (Scott)
2020-01-29didn't see the .srcinfo file -.-;KScott
2020-01-29first AUR package go easy on meKScott
2018-07-16Fixed path in .desktop and added better icons.David A. Redick
2018-07-06Stopped using the games directory. Make highscore group users instead of gamesDavid A. Redick
2018-07-05Added .gitignore, light clean upDavid A. Redick
2016-05-19Pacman hooks updateFrederic Bezies
2015-06-15initial commit on aur4Frederic Bezies