AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-27Fix new checksum for 49-teensy.rulesNiels Martignène
2019-05-25Rename Teensyduino files to fix checksum issuesNiels Martignène
2019-05-22Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.46, Arduino 1.8.9Niels Martignène
2018-12-23Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.45, Arduino 1.8.8Niels Martignène
2018-09-23Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.44, Arduino 1.8.7Niels Martignène
2018-09-16Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.43, Arduino 1.8.6Niels Martignène
2018-05-10Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.41, Arduino 1.8.5Niels Martignène
2017-04-06Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.36, Arduino 1.8.2Niels Martignène
2017-02-10Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.35, Arduino 1.8.1Niels Martignène
2016-12-30Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.34, Arduino 1.8.0Niels Martignène
2016-12-16Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.33, Arduino 1.6.13Niels Martignène
2016-09-08Fix unsynced .SRCINFO for three previous commitsNiels Martignène
2016-09-08Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.30 and Arduino 1.6.11Niels Martignène
2016-09-08Add missing git make dependencyNiels Martignène
2016-09-08Fix repeating keystrokes in broken xdotool scriptNiels Martignène
2016-07-17Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.29 and Arduino 1.6.9Niels Martignène
2016-07-17Port relevant fixes made to arduino packageNiels Martignène
2016-04-29Remove install actions (pacman hooks)Niels Martignène
2016-04-17Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.28 and Arduino 1.6.8Niels Martignène
2016-03-31Update to latest teensy_loader_cli versionNiels Martignène
2016-01-05Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.27Niels Martignène
2015-12-28Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.27-beta2Niels Martignène
2015-12-20Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.27-beta1 and Arduino 1.6.7Niels Martignène
2015-09-27Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.25 and Arduino 1.6.5-r5Niels Martignène
2015-09-19Fix broken avrdude after ncurses ABI bumpNiels Martignène
2015-06-26Upgrade to Teensyduino 1.24 and Arduino 1.6.5Niels Martignène
2015-06-10Remove unused variable from PKGBUILDNiels Martignène
2015-06-10Add StartupWMClass field to desktop fileNiels Martignène
2015-06-10Initial importNiels Martignène