AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-29remove discontinued teighaviewer-qt4 conflictbartus
2018-08-29Update to 19.5.0bartus
2017-12-10Drop i686 supportRafael Fontenelle
2017-09-10Update to 4.3.1Rafael Fontenelle
2017-01-24Update to 4.2.2Rafael Fontenelle
2016-10-07Fix source filename and fix i686 md5sumRafael Fontenelle
2016-07-07Update to 4.2.0Rafael Fontenelle
2016-05-08Remove instructions in favor of pacman's hooksRafael Fontenelle
2016-02-03Fix source_i686 arrayRafael Fontenelle
2016-01-30Fix URL in SRCINFORafael Fontenelle
2016-01-30Set URL to apps locationRafael Fontenelle
2016-01-30Update to Fontenelle
2015-06-20Initial importRafael Ferreira