AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-30rebuild for icu 59Melvin Vermeeren
2017-03-07bump for libtsMelvin Vermeeren
2017-02-10libts dep update 1.5, rebuildMelvin Vermeeren
2017-02-04rebuild for libtsMelvin Vermeeren
2017-01-19bump for libts updateMelvin Vermeeren
2016-12-08rebuild for jasper updateMelvin Vermeeren
2016-12-02rebuild for icu 58Melvin Vermeeren
2016-11-24fix srcinfoMelvin Vermeeren
2016-11-24bump for tslib 1.2Melvin Vermeeren
2016-08-21update to new repo structure, patch system and versionMelvin Vermeeren
2016-04-21Update to 0.9.44-1Melvin Vermeeren
2016-04-13Update to upstream pkgrel 2.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-04-12Update to 0.9.42-1.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-04-10Update to upstream 0.9.40-1.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-04-09Rebuild for icu 56 => 57 update.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-03-20Sticker panel merge fix. pkgrel bump to 2.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-03-20Update to upstream 0.9.33-1.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-02-01Update domain name to Vermeeren
2016-01-26Upsteam updates, pkgrel 3. Fix source branch and upstream URL (oops).Melvin Vermeeren
2016-01-25Pull from release branch, update pkgrel (upstream version updates).Melvin Vermeeren
2016-01-21Initial commit. 0.9.19-1. 1080p sticker panel + dark colour scheme.Melvin Vermeeren