AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-11Minor comment fixMike Kazantsev
2023-10-10Go back to using custom build stepsMike Kazantsev
2023-09-24Use more up-to-date BenWiederhake/tdlib-purple fork and a bundled build-scrip...Mike Kazantsev
2022-05-15Move telegram-tdlib to makedepends, as it's linked staticallyMike Kazantsev
2022-03-18Add optional patch from PR-154 to fix build with modern tdlibMike Kazantsev
2021-12-28Add conflicts/provides in case there's a non-git telegram-tdlib-purple in AURMike Kazantsev
2021-12-10Fix arch=Mike Kazantsev
2021-12-08Check parsed version, reword WARNING about api_id to be less direMike Kazantsev
2021-12-07Add WARNING when using default API_ID/API_HASH valuesMike Kazantsev
2021-12-07Use version from CMakeLists.txtMike Kazantsev
2021-02-03Use any libpurple provider as a dependencyMike Kazantsev
2020-09-30Add conflicts=telegram-tdlib-purple-gitMike Kazantsev
2020-09-30Initial version, based on telegram-tdlib-purple-git, but with NoWebp/NoLottie...Mike Kazantsev