AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-09configure git submodulesFabioLolix
2023-01-02push buildFabioLolix
2022-12-05update source, revisionFabioLolix
2022-06-24fix conflicts with recent audacityFabioLolix
2022-06-15use wxgtk-3.1.5, not compatible with v3.1.6 or higherFabioLolix
2022-03-05fix build using ffmpeg4.4FabioLolix
2022-01-26Change dependency from jack2 to jackDarkpelz
2021-11-08Remove unused launch scriptDarkpelz
2021-09-14Use wxgtk3-dev-lightDarkpelz
2021-08-18Fix buildFabioLolix
2021-08-15correct pkgver(), add .gitignoreFabioLolix
2021-08-15Tenacity does offer their own binaryfossdd
2021-08-15Update upstream urlfossdd
2021-08-15Change git url to sr.htfossdd
2021-07-31Move png icons to hicolor apps folderDarkpelz
2021-07-29update .SRCINFOFabioLolix
2021-07-29use mkdir -p, export clang++ for c++ codeFabioLolix
2021-07-27Desktop entry name fixed in upstream, removing rename from prepare()Darkpelz
2021-07-25Added scdoc to makedependsDarkpelz
2021-07-24Added reference to Audacity in pkgdescDarkpelz
2021-07-24Temporary fix: change display name in .desktop fileDarkpelz
2021-07-23Cleaned up depends, changed pkgdesc to match upstreamDarkpelz
2021-07-08Missing file issue fixed in upstream, removing dummy fileDarkpelz
2021-07-07Initial commitDarkpelz