AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-08Bump hashMark Peschel
2024-02-06Bump hashMark Peschel
2024-01-31Bump hashMark Peschel
2024-01-22Bump hashMark Peschel
2024-01-17Bump hashMark Peschel
2024-01-12Bump hashMark Peschel
2023-12-31Bump commit hashMark Peschel
2023-12-08Bump git hashMark Peschel
2023-11-16Bump hashMark Peschel
2023-10-25Bump commit hashMark Peschel
2023-10-08X outdated comment about haswell optimizationsMark Peschel
2023-10-08Bump commit hash.Mark Peschel
2023-10-07Fix: failing build makes later builds failMark Peschel
2023-09-21Bump commitMark Peschel
2023-09-21Prevent build fail if upstream changes wheel name.Mark Peschel
2023-08-29Bump known good commit.Mark Peschel
2023-08-19Warn for /tmp size only if target.lst is bigMark Peschel
2023-08-19Prefix patch files with fix- for cleanlinessMark Peschel
2023-08-19Bugfix: Left uninstall lines commented out againMark Peschel
2023-08-19Rename a.out to test_model_c.outMark Peschel
2023-08-19Rename load_model_c.c to test_model_c.cMark Peschel
2023-08-19Renaem make_model_c.py to test_make_model_c.pyMark Peschel
2023-08-19Rename c_model to test_model_cMark Peschel
2023-08-19Rename c_model_test to test_model_saveMark Peschel
2023-08-19Set random seeds in test.pyMark Peschel
2023-08-19Make expected loss in test.py clearerMark Peschel
2023-08-18Fix URL: AUR repos are in root, not /packages.Mark Peschel
2023-08-18README 2.12 -> 2.13. Clarity, typos, and safer instructions.Mark Peschel
2023-08-18X last_successful_commit.txtMark Peschel
2023-08-17Bump good commit.Mark Peschel
2023-08-11Bump commit hash; remove rocm_configure patchMark Peschel
2023-08-06Typo.Mark Peschel
2023-08-06Bump _known_good_commit. Don't bump pkgrel for vcsMark Peschel
2023-08-03X update_last_successful; it was overbuilt anywayMark Peschel
2023-08-03Link to build dockerfile from target.lst warningMark Peschel
2023-07-21New good commit. No pkgrel bump bc wiki says soMark Peschel
2023-07-21Bump .SRCINFOMark Peschel
2023-07-21Update to 2.13, which is not broken.Mark Peschel
2023-07-19Bugfix: got the sha512sum wrong for the patchMark Peschel
2023-07-19Clean up unfinished removal of -opt buildMark Peschel
2023-07-19Fix /opt/rocm/hip/bin/hipcc: No such file or directory.Mark Peschel
2023-07-08Make test.py slightly less non-deterministic.Mark Peschel
2023-07-07Correct x86_64 to x86-64Mark Peschel
2023-07-07Add suggestions for fixing this build when it breaks.Mark Peschel
2023-07-07Remove "opt" instructions; rewrite target.lst for clarity.Mark Peschel
2023-07-07Remove package split since this is never going in extra repo anyway.Mark Peschel
2023-07-07Fix documentation bug should be target.lst not targetsMark Peschel
2023-07-06Corrrect typo from targets.lst to target.lst (singular)Mark Peschel
2023-07-06Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mpeschel10/tensorflow-amd-gitMark Peschel
2023-07-06Explain targets.lst and why you must use it to build for uninstalled cards.Mark Peschel