AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-14set up environment in build functionAdrià Arrufat
2020-12-24fix buildAdrià Arrufat
2019-09-25fix provides for cuda versionsAdrià Arrufat
2019-09-25sync with official repositoryAdrià Arrufat
2019-02-27fix buildAdrià Arrufat
2018-08-01update dependencies and add TF_NEED_AWS=0Adrià Arrufat
2018-06-24use gcc7Adrià Arrufat
2018-04-27fix buildAdrià Arrufat
2018-03-07fix build for v1.6.xAdrià Arrufat
2018-02-06export more TF variablesAdrià Arrufat
2018-01-20update to work with bazel 0.9.0Adrià Arrufat
2017-10-18update to latest revisionAdrià Arrufat
2017-06-23update to latest git revisionAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-23fix pkgconfig installAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-21add pkgconfig generationAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-19fix logicAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-17remove unneeded commentsAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-16use native compilationAdrià Arrufat
2017-05-16my initial versionAdrià Arrufat
2015-12-30Fix bug in build script due to upstream changesrpp
2015-11-13Fixed problem when reinstalling / upgrading packagerpp
2015-11-12- Use AUR bazel instead of building our ownrpp
2015-11-11Initial importrpp