AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysterracognita: bump to version v0.7.6cycloid
12 daysterracognita: bump to version v0.7.5cycloid
2021-09-23terracognita: bump to version v0.7.4cycloid
2021-08-30terracognita: bump to version v0.7.3cycloid
2021-08-13terracognita: bump to version v0.7.2cycloid
2021-07-15terracognita: bump to version v0.7.1cycloid
2021-07-02terracognita: bump to version v0.7.0cycloid
2021-04-30terracognita: bump to version v0.6.4cycloid
2021-04-29terracognita: bump to version v0.6.4cycloid
2021-03-31terracognita: bump to version v0.6.3cycloid
2021-03-22terracognita: bump to version v0.6.2cycloid
2020-12-22terracognita: bump to 0.6.0Mathieu Tortuyaux
2020-07-17pkg: bump to 0.5.1Mathieu Tortuyaux
2020-06-22update: bump to 0.5.0Mathieu Tortuyaux
2020-03-31updpkg: update source infoMathieu Tortuyaux
2020-03-31updpkg: bump to 0.4.0Mathieu Tortuyaux
2020-03-04pkgbuild: initial commitMathieu Tortuyaux