AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-03Updated checksums for, fixed server crashes with mon...ilmikko
2017-05-05Changed default directory from /etc to /opt, updated to
2017-04-22Updated to
2017-04-21Upgraded to
2016-12-07Version and a typo fixilmikko
2016-11-19Adding Steamworks.NET.dll to package()ilmikko
2016-11-19Updated to
2016-11-17Updated to
2016-11-16Version updated to
2016-10-17Modified the service file slightly to work with less effort.ilmikko
2016-10-17Now whenever files are referenced in the arguments, the terraria-server conve...ilmikko
2016-10-17Removed -config from terraria-server as multiple -config statements are not s...ilmikko
2016-10-17Changed the data directory to /etc/ instead of /opt/ilmikko
2016-10-09Updated to, added Mikko to contributor listiveks
2016-10-04mksrcinfoMike Cooper
2016-10-04Update to
2016-05-16Change UID/GID in PKGBUILD tooMike Cooper
2016-03-17Change UID/GID from 197 to 697Mike Cooper
2015-08-31chmod service file to 644.Mike Cooper
2015-08- Finally a good exit mechanism.Mike Cooper
2015-08- Cooper
2015-08- Cooper
2015-08- Cooper
2015-08-13Initial commit.Mike Cooper