AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-08 Bumped to v1.19.1Enmanuel
2023-10-05 Bumped to v1.18.3Enmanuel
2023-04-18 Bumped to v1.18.1Enmanuel
2023-02-10 Bumped to v1.18.0Enmanuel
2023-01-11 Bumped to v1.17.0Enmanuel
2022-11-25 Bumped to v1.17.0Enmanuel
2022-10-20 Bumped to version 1.16.0Enmanuel
2022-07-02 Renaming pkgEnmanuel
2021-08-26updating SRCINFO fileEnmanuel Moreira
2021-08-26fixing licence typeEnmanuel Moreira
2021-08-26adding terrascan tool package to aurEnmanuel Moreira