AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysfix build - thanks Chris Zhang!Alex Hirzel
2024-04-22update to version 1.27Alex Hirzel
2023-08-16update to version 1.26, switch to clang for compilerAlex Hirzel
2022-11-28update to version 1.24, address namcap warningsAlex Hirzel
2022-06-22update to version 1.23Alex Hirzel
2022-06-22update to version 1.22Alex Hirzel
2022-01-09update to version 1.21Alex Hirzel
2022-01-05update to version 1.20Alex Hirzel
2020-03-16Upgrade to 1.15Kevin Masson
2020-02-25Fix tag checkoutKevin Masson
2020-02-24Update SRCINFOKevin Masson
2020-02-24Update SRCINFOKevin Masson
2020-02-24Specify version in source URLKevin Masson
2020-02-23Update srcinfo fileKevin Masson
2020-02-23Update pkg to 1.14Kevin Masson
2018-05-30Update infoKevin Masson
2018-05-30Update versionKevin Masson
2018-03-07Fix pkgKevin Masson
2018-03-06Fix typoKevin Masson
2018-03-06Add opengl and zlib depsKevin Masson
2018-02-25initial commitKevin Masson