AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-18Update to latest versionDavid Fabijan
2018-05-02Update to 2018.03.22David Fabijan
2017-09-12Update to 2017.09.06David Fabijan
2017-08-27Update to 2017.08.08David Fabijan
2017-03-27Update to 2016.03.16David Fabijan
2017-03-01Update to 2017.01.03David Fabijan
2017-01-11Update to 2017.01.08 and removed install fileDavid Fabijan
2017-01-02Update to 2016.12.13David Fabijan
2016-10-23Update to 2016.10.13David Fabijan
2016-09-10Update to 2016.08.29David Fabijan
2016-08-13Changed source namingDavid Fabijan
2016-08-11Update to 2016.7.31David Fabijan
2016-07-16New checksums, though the version is officially the sameDavid Fabijan
2016-07-03Fixed quotesDavid Fabijan
2016-07-02Update to 2016.06.28David Fabijan
2016-06-02Update to version 2016-06-01David Fabijan
2016-04-20Update to version 2016-04-18David Fabijan
2016-04-09Update to version 7.7jDavid Fabijan
2016-03-25Update to 7.7iDavid Fabijan
2016-03-23Update to 7.7hDavid Fabijan
2016-02-05Version update to 7.7gDavid Fabijan
2016-01-17Update to version 7.7fDavid Fabijan
2015-06-13Initail upload to AUR4David Fabijan