AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-22Version bumpAlexander Blinne
2019-10-23Applied second patch by ccornAlexander Blinne
2019-10-23Applied patch #1 by ccornAlexander Blinne
2019-10-07Added auto-update of pkgver by dateAlexander Blinne
2019-09-19include texlive.tlpdbsolnce
2017-11-28corrected makedepends, is now rsyncsolnce
2017-11-27Switched to downloading with rsync instead of wget, should result in signific...solnce
2017-09-20updated PKGBUILD to reflect the changed tree in ctan compared to original ver...solnce
2017-09-20initial commit, first versionsolnce