AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-24fix packagingLuis Martinez
2023-01-13package fixupLuis Martinez
2022-08-07packaging updateLuis Martinez
2022-08-04update to 11.4Luis Martinez
2022-02-01update to 11.3Luis Martinez
2021-08-02update to 11.2Luis Martinez
2021-06-29split package into threeLuis Martinez
2021-06-28fix compile errors and other issuesLuis Martinez
2021-05-26mercurial is no longer requiredTwoFinger
2021-05-26address a couple of user commentsTwoFinger
2021-02-07Updated to v11.1reztho
2020-12-14Upgraded to v11.0reztho
2020-04-19Updated to v10.8reztho
2019-10-06Updated version to 10.6reztho
2019-04-19Upgraded to v10.3reztho
2017-11-05Upgrade to v9.6reztho
2017-09-17Upgrade to v9.5reztho
2017-06-11Update to v9.4reztho
2017-03-26Upgrade to v9.3reztho
2016-12-24Textadept v9.2reztho
2016-10-01Updated to version 9.0reztho
2016-05-08Increased version to v8.7reztho
2016-03-10Added unzipreztho
2016-03-10Added wgetreztho
2016-03-05Fixed desktop filesreztho
2016-03-03Updated to revision f27778cd1d49reztho
2016-02-28First version which compiles from sourcereztho
2016-01-03updated to 8.5bitwave
2015-11-17updated packagebitwave
2015-10-02updated to 8.3bitwave
2015-09-04added 8.2 textadeptbitwave