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2018-06-08Update: TextSuggest has moved to GitLab (bharadwaj-raju/TextSuggest)bharadwaj-raju
2018-06-01Fix according to Packaging Guidelinesbharadwaj-raju
2018-05-01(Another) Update for TextSuggest 3.0.0bharadwaj-raju
2018-05-01Update for TextSuggest 3.x.xbharadwaj-raju
2016-11-09Fix chmodbharadwaj-raju
2016-08-07Update .SRCINFObharadwaj-raju
2016-08-07Update maintainer, fix permissionsbharadwaj-raju
2016-07-27Upstream added
2016-07-27Upstream changed dependency from xclip to xsel.shellkr
2016-07-27upstream moved the man page to /doc. Changed accordingly.shellkr
2016-06-26Ustream made changes so the patch is not needed any longershellkr
2016-06-26Upstream restructured file layout and also added a man pageshellkr
2016-06-25Added xorg-setxkbmap as dependencyshellkr
2016-06-25fixed the patch after changes upstreamshellkr
2016-06-24Added and languages.pyshellkr
2016-06-24forgot to add rofi to the descriptionshellkr
2016-06-23Upstream changed dep from dmenu2 to rofishellkr
2016-06-22missed to add python as a dependencyshellkr
2016-06-22initial pushshellkr