AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-17Build with latest wlrootsVictor Tran
2024-03-08Update to 2.0Victor Tran
2023-07-18Update to 1.0.2Victor Tran
2023-07-16Update to 1.0.1Victor Tran
2023-06-10Fix missing dependenciesVictor Tran
2023-06-10Update to 1.0Victor Tran
2022-02-10Update to rc1Victor Tran
2021-06-22Bump version because of soname bump for pulseaudio-qt5Victor Tran
2020-11-30Update to beta3Victor Tran
2020-07-14Update to beta2Victor Tran
2020-06-17Initial CommitVictor Tran