AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-17Bump to v0.4.4mynacol
2022-05-17Check if hooks are executable before executing themmynacol
2022-02-01Bump to 0.4.3mynacol
2022-02-01Toggle on "transition" keywordmynacol
2022-01-28Bump version 0.4.2mynacol
2022-01-28Ignore parameter nonemynacol
2022-01-28Match for more keywordsmynacol
2022-01-28Bump version 0.4.1mynacol
2022-01-28Use better-suited case instead of if/elsemynacol
2022-01-28Wait for all scripts before finishingmynacol
2022-01-28Avoid creating sub-shellsmynacol
2021-12-30Remove concrete program methodsmynacol
2021-11-30Change colorscheme in vim as wellmynacol
2021-11-29Add support for neovimmynacol
2021-05-29Release version 0.2.1mynacol
2021-05-29Use swaymsg to set background under swaymynacol
2021-05-29Add dot at sentence endmynacol
2021-05-19Disable session and window manager checksmynacol
2021-05-16Properly use if-then-else constructsmynacol
2021-05-16Make script POSIX-compliantmynacol
2021-05-16Update .SRCINFOmynacol
2021-05-16Bump to version 0.1.2mynacol
2021-05-16Initialize variables before usemynacol
2021-02-05Change with gsettings even on x11mynacol
2021-02-05Bump version to 0.1.1mynacol
2021-02-05Fix swaybg dependencymynacol
2021-02-05Check if files exist and are writable firstmynacol
2021-02-05Shebang directly bash instead of envmynacol
2021-02-05Fix problems produced by bash "strict mode"mynacol
2021-02-05Ignore usual build artifactsmynacol
2021-02-05Update .SRCINFOmynacol
2021-02-05Fix build issuesmynacol
2021-02-05First commitmynacol