AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 dayspush version (fix divizion by zero if using some combinations of #000000 color)actionless
2024-03-16push version (make gtk2-related deps optional)actionless
2023-01-01push version (1.12.4: fix submenus in gtk3 and darker() in script)actionless
2022-10-26push version (new plugin api)actionless
2021-10-06push version (small updates here and there)actionless
2021-05-03push version (qt6ct theme)actionless
2020-12-25push version (new commits (1.12.r2.g0db28619))actionless
2020-04-28push version (release 1.21 (lots of border fixes and tested backdrop support))actionless
2020-03-17add conflictsactionless
2020-03-17clean-up unnecessary commentsactionless
2020-03-16chore(plugins: theme: oomox): packaging stuff moved to its own repoactionless
2020-03-16compile python filesactionless
2020-03-16use more variablesactionless
2020-03-16use intermidient packaging dir to avoid re-cloning the repoactionless
2020-03-16initial commitactionless