AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-10Add the-libs-blueprint dependencyVictor Tran
2019-12-05Update dependenciesVictor Tran
2019-10-11Add new dependencyVictor Tran
2018-09-11Update dependencies for latest BlueprintVictor Tran
2018-08-09Update PKGBUILDVictor Tran
2018-05-20Update to 8.0bVictor Tran
2018-05-14Remove ts-polkitagent dependencyVictor Tran
2017-12-19Remove kdepimlibs4Victor Tran
2017-12-11Update to 7.2bVictor Tran
2017-12-11Update conflictsVictor Tran
2017-12-04Update build instructionsVictor Tran
2017-11-13Update version informationVictor Tran
2017-09-27Update PKGBUILD for new build instructionsVictor Tran
2017-09-16Add missing dependencyVictor Tran
2017-09-15Update to 7.1bVictor Tran
2017-08-23Fix desktop fileVictor Tran
2017-08-22Remove initscript.shVictor Tran
2017-08-22Remove initscript.shVictor Tran
2017-08-22Start using ts-startsessionVictor Tran
2017-08-15Update build stepsVictor Tran
2017-06-08Fix init scriptVictor Tran
2017-06-08Actually use blueprint branchVictor Tran
2017-06-08Allow installation next to theshellVictor Tran
2017-04-19Update to 6.2bVictor Tran
2017-01-22Update to 6.0bVictor Tran
2016-12-12Update to 5.3bVictor Tran
2016-10-04Remove qtchooser depencencyVictor Tran
2016-07-14Fix package nameVictor Tran
2016-07-14Update to 3.0bVictor Tran
2016-05-29Initial CommitVictor Tran